Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where did the past two months go........

I thought I was only a month behind in updating my blog, but no........it's been longer...so I have lots of photos and I don't know where to begin.  Think I will start with my new project, a small cottage business, of sorts.  I've named it 'Out of Austin Designs' and I am making tea cozies!  Yep!  They are being sold excusively at http://www.teaembassy.com/ here in Austin.  They are available in the store but not online.  I  may sell them online on Etsy.  Still thinking about that.  So here are some of the cozies I've made.....and they are selling really well, so I will be making more soon!

I am using some fun fabrics that I have found in my local quilt store http://www.thecottoncupboard.com/ like the Alice in Wonderland fabric above.  With the new movie coming out in March and the Tea Embassy's Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea, I thought this would make a fun cozy!  I love working with vintage fabrics and embellishments.

So, besides planning a wedding with my daughter since her engagement in November, this is keeping me busy.  The wedding will be in November, so there is still plenty of time, but surprising how much there is to do.  We had an appointment with http://www.studio563.com/ today and that was a lot of fun!  We are getting to the fun part!  All I want to know is.....when can I eat cake?????

Have a wonderful day.  I think Spring is coming soon......

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  1. It is nice of you to post again. I was hoping you hadn't left for good!
    Your tea cozy business is wonderful. Congratulations!