Sunday, August 2, 2009

Afternoon Tea.....

My daughter and I had afternoon tea today. It was her idea and she brought some lovely small sweets she bought at Walton's, Sandra Bullock's new eatery, here in Austin. She also brought a pasta salad and some cherry tomatoes stuffed with bacon, basil, and cream cheese. I made some finger sandwiches. We drank tea from the Tea Embassy ......Scottish Breakfast blend and Bavarian Chocolate. They were both really good and you can find them online at . This was a really nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon and something that we both really enjoy but don't get to do very often. Later in the afternoon I went to my brother's house and he grilled steaks with twice baked potatoes and salad. Spent time with my two nieces, their husbands and kids. A perfect Sunday!


  1. What a lovely Sunday afternoon you had!!! I'm envious! I'm going to check out the Tea Embassy link - sounds wonderful!