Sunday, August 16, 2009

My favorite fabric.....

I purchased the fabric for the quilt 'Anna's Starry Night' about 5-6 years ago. Can't remember the exact time frame as I had just started quilting and found the pattern and I loved the fabric. Don't remember where I first saw it, but I knew I had to have it. I think the fabric is Blackbird Designs, 'Anna's Starry Night' and I don't know where I got the pattern. Possibly from the Moda website under their 'free patterns' section. This was before I realized fabric had several designs within a group. I just thought this fabric was 'randomly' chosen and put together to make the quilt. I have learned a lot since then. It was one of the first quilts I made and it is still one of my favorites. So, when I finished the quilt, I had some scraps of fabric and didn't want to wastethem, so I started hand piecing a hexagon quilt, using plastic templates called 'Quilt Patis' from Picking Up the Pieces. Once again, I bought these several years ago on the internet, so I don't know if they are even available now. From time to time, when I am between knitting or embroidery projects, I get my basket of hexagons out and sew a few together. One day I will have a throw size quilt that just for ME!


  1. They are lovely fabrics and so is the quilt.

  2. I love pink and green quilts...I seem to choose that or red and green for a lot of my quilts. Look forward to seeing the finished top!

  3. You are so far ahead of me, dear friend. Anna's Starry Night is one of my favorite Blackbird lines. Thinking alike, again!

  4. Thanks for inviting me to visit your blog, Rebecca. I've only read the first two pages and I can't believe how our tastes are so similar.

    Last year, I knit 27 pairs of socks which I think are all over the world now.

    I also bought the BBD gals book 'When the Cold Wind Blows' book just last week specifically to make the basket quilt. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it.

    I also love pink and green quilts. The one that was in our local fair this past weekend won 'Best of Show'.

    And I could go on and on.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and please come back soon. The door is always open and the kettle's always on.

  5. Very cute! I love coming across scraps of my favorite fabrics!

  6. Just stopping by to say hi and check out your "sock post". The second sock does seem to be going a little faster. I really like your hexagons. I have me fabric picked out and the paper hexagons ready to go. Now I just need to do the sewing.

  7. I am doing Women of Grace and Charm out of that fabric and I LOVE IT too. Love your blog.
    Cindy, AZ