Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's a treat.......

'Trick or Treat' quilt is finished and hanging in my hallway. I used a machine applique technique and started it, I think, in February. It has a total of 158 basket blocks plus the appliqued setting triangles. I made mine smaller than the original pattern in 'When the Cold Wind Blows', by Blackbird Designs, so that it would fit on my wall. It also makes a nice 'topper' for the queen size bed in my guest room. This quilt has moved to the top of my all time favorites! I hope you enjoy it.
Another treat.....Last night I saw Glen Hansard, from the movie 'Once" and Sam Beam, of Iron and Wine, at the Paramount Theater here in Austin. It was a benefit for the Midwives Alliance of North America and it was a great evening of beautiful accoustic music. If you haven't seen the movie, Once, or heard any of the music by Iron and Wine, you should check it out. They are very talented song writers and musicians. It was a wonderful treat!
I bought some great accent pillow covers to put on my sofa yesterday at Pottery Barn, but the inserts have goose down feathers (not so much of a treat) and I'm allergic to them, so I am out and about today searching for 'fake' goose down inserts for my cushions. Hope you have a great day...........


  1. hello,this quilt is really wonderful,simply stunning,have a nice day,susi

  2. Love the quilt! You certainly have more patience than I do to do so many baskets :) It's gorgeous...nice job!

  3. So clever! Your newly learned "trick" made this quilt a "treat" to view.

  4. I loved this quilt in the book, and yours is every bit as nice!